Technology + Features

A unified AI platform for end to end management of service jobs on ships. Using problem definition, our AI engine visualizes, categorizes and matches the skills required for the job and manages the entire P2P process.


Machine Learning

Our machine learning algorithm visualises, categorizes and matches jobs to right skills. This helps to avoid scope creep and skills mismatch leading to productivity and efficiency gains.



Our price optimization engine based on the data from multitude of jobs determines the optimum price. Our skill optimization engine determines skill gaps for a job and actively provides skill providers with insights to make improvements.



Recommender based on the ship route & skill availability, determines the best location for carrying out a job cost effectively.



workspace uses integrated features such as video calls, direct messaging , real-time technician tracking & remote assistance for job completion.


Analyzer assists ship owners, ship managers and vendors in visualising key aspects of their operations.

Our team includes ship agents, mariners, port state control officials, technical superintendents, naval engineers, terminal operators, marine advisors, admiralty lawyers, Coast Guard and Navy, ship owners and managers, and inspectors. We know the maritime industry.


We’re passionate about better, tech-forward solutions.